Rezultatele loteriei Portugaliei și numerele câștigătoare


Miercuri, Septembrie 27, 2023

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Sâmbătă, 30 septembrie 2023

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Marți, 03 octombrie 2023

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Portugal Lottery Drawing Schedule

The drawing schedule of the Portuguese lotteries is not as busy, as the games occur on different days, and the Classic Lottery and EuroMillions on Friday are the only coincidences. Besides, we can call Sunday a day off, as there are no draws there at all. So, it is a great chance to find the perfect balance between your gambling and daily routine.

JocsoaremonMartiînsuraJoiViSATTime Zone
Totoloto   07: 00 seara  07: 00 searaOra Europei Centrale
Euromilhões (EuroMillions)  07: 00 seara  07: 00 seara Ora Europei Centrale
Lotaria Popular (People’s Lottery)    11: 30 seara 11: 30 searaOra Europei Centrale
Lotaria Clássica (Classic Lottery) 07: 00 seara   07: 00 seara Ora Europei Centrale

Portugal Lottery Games Details

In timp ce EuroMillions and Totoloto are traditional games with a structure familiar to anybody, People’s Lottery and Classic Lottery offer something different, as they are based on guessing the exact digits from the existing ticket numbers. Well, try them all to have more chances of winning! In advance, read carti despre the lottery, apelează la predicții de numerologie loto, and don’t forget about the Legea de atractie. Your prize is coming soon!

JocTip de premiuFormatul joculuiCând puteți cumpăra bilete
TotolotoJackpot progresiv și premii fixe de nivel inferior5 de la 1-49 + 1 de la 1-13 (Minge norocoasă)Any time before 06:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates
Euromilhões (EuroMillions)All the prizes are taxable, depending on the overall prize pool5 from 1-50+2 from 1-12 (Lucky Numbers)Any time before 06:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates
Lotaria Popular (People’s Lottery)Premii fixeAny amount from 0-9 (ticket number match)Oricand pentru extragerea viitoare
Lotaria Clássica (Classic Lottery)Premii fixeAny amount from 0-9 (ticket number match)Oricand pentru extragerea viitoare

Portugal Lottery Advanced Draws

Totoloto and EuroMillions can be played up to five or ten times in a row if you add the multi-draw option. As for Loterias, the operator doesn’t provide any exact information on them. But we are sure there are no reasons to worry. Relax and play! Our helpful tools, including the calculatorul de cote la loterie, generator de numere de loterie, instrument de numere de vis la loterie, and others, can make your game more exciting and successful.

JocExtrageri maxime avansate
Euromilhões (EuroMillions)5
Lotaria Popular (People’s Lottery)-
Lotaria Clássica (Classic Lottery)-

How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Portugal?

Înregistrare pe Jogos Santa Casa official website. The system gives detailed steps for all the players, so there is nothing too complicated.

  1. Click on the Play (Jogar) panel, study the list of games (cote la loterie, prizes, and rules), and choose the one you like best.
  2. Open the game slip and study it carefully.
  3. Alege the lottery numere that may bring you luck.
  4. Add the multi-draw option or play multiples where it is possible.
  5. Make sure you did everything right and add your ticket to your cart or pay for it at once.
  6. Now, we wish you good luck, or Boa sorte, as they say it in Portugal!

To diversify your gambling experience, combine Portuguese lotteries with other games that helped câștigători celebri la loto get their millions. Visit site-uri de loterie online de încredere and play whenever you want!

Check Portugal Lottery Tickets

As you may guess, there are not so many options for the players to follow the results of the draw. As there are no in-store tickets, seeing the results at the points of sale is not an option. Still, you have several methods to know on time dacă câștigi the lottery:

  1. Stay with the Jogos Santa Casa official website.
  2. Keep all the things in your pocket with the JSC mobile app and take advantage of the lottery software.
  3. Visit our site to check the latest results and learn statisticile loteriei, cele mai comune numere câștigătoare la loterie, trucuri de câștig la loterie, and other helpful information.

Claim Lottery Winnings in Portugal

Sunt special terms concerning the claiming period for lottery winnings in Portugal. The minor prizes of less than or equal to €5,000 can be collected within 60 zile. However, if you are a jackpot winner (we hope so!) or just win a bigger prize, you will be given 12 zile to file your claim. So, stay in touch to obțineți premiul de loterie and take all the benefits of both online and personal claiming!

Opțiunea de revendicareCum să strângi un premiu
Revendicare in persoana

All the amounts over €150 can be claimed in person, and the conditions and opportunities are the following:

  • Contact the Jogos Santa Casa mediators or visit a JSC Customer Service office.
  • The amounts over €2,000 need your identification through the Internet before your visit to a Customer Service office, and a form of your photo ID is the key document.
  • The prizes of over €5,000 imply the same claiming process, but the verification takes around 12 days in this case.

Revendicare prin poștăNu
Revendicare prin predareNu
Revendicați online câștigurile la loterieThe amounts of €150 or less are deposited into the players’ accounts automatically. The bigger amounts also require verification via the Internet, and if you pass it successfully, they will be transferred into your bank account.

Portugal Lottery Claim Form

If your winnings exceed €2,000, you will need to complete and provide the lottery wins claim form. It won’t take a lot of time and effort, as you can do it online:

  1. Enter your player’s account and click to Claim my prize.
  2. The claim form will appear; study it carefully.
  3. Fill out all the blocks and fields to provide the sought-after information.
  4. Check all the data once again and print the form.
  5. Now, you are ready for your claim!

Portugal Lottery Office Locations

LocatieAdresăTelefonProgram de lucru
JSC Customer Service Office in LisbonAvenida da Liberdade, no. 194, 1269-275 Lisbon, Portugal808-20-33-77Luni duminica: 09:00 – 05:00 CET

Portugal Lottery Rules and Laws

Gambling in Portugal is overseen by Jogos Santa Casa, the gaming department of Santa Casa da Misericórdia, the state-governed charity organization. There are a few games of chance that are based on the following features and rules:

  • Gambling is allowed only for those 18 and older.
  • All the games are held online only.
  • The bets that are made on the JSC website between midnight and 08:00 p.m. CET are usually suspended, and the system confirms them after the break is over.
  • If you are not a Portuguese resident, you can play JSC games as well, provided that you have an account in any Portuguese bank.
  • You can also play via SMS by sending the short code 3377 to the System.

Portugal Tax on Lottery Winnings

Winning a lottery in Portugal means that you plateste taxe. The order is very simple, as all the subtractions are made automatically. However, if you want to keep an ear to the ground, see the calculator impozit loterie si tabelul de mai jos.

  • Lottery Taxes on Lottery Winnings for Portuguese Citizens and Residents

PremiuTip de taxăProcent de impozitare
€5,000Non-taxable amount
5,001 € și pesteTaxa de stat20%

You don’t need to count how much you’ll get after deductions, as you will see the amount at the moment of the payout.

  • For Non-Portuguese Citizens and Residents

PremiuTip de taxăProcent de impozitare
€5,000Non-taxable amount
5,001 € și pesteTaxa de stat20%

The local tax law doesn’t make any differences between local and foreign lottery winners, so their prizes are levied the same way.

FAQs About Portuguese Lotteries

The ticket sales for the traditional draw games stop half an hour before the extraction starts. As for Loterias, you can place your bet up until the start of the draw.

The ranking of the most winning locations in Portugal includes Braga, Tomar, Nazare, Coimbra, and Viana de Castelo.

According to Portuguese law, it is not permitted to buy tickets for games of chance with a debit card. To play the JSC lotteries, just use the Player Card. This card is charged at the ATM or a home banking service, so you can make your bets.

The pool of the traditional games of chance is not as big, as it includes four of them: Lotaria Popular (the People’s Lottery), Lotaria Clássica (the Classic Lottery), Totoloto, and EuroMillions.

Yes. Please note that 20% will be withheld from any amount of €5,001 and over.

Bermain the lottery online is the only way for players to try their numere norocoase in the Portuguese drawings.

Here, you must be at least 18. Participation is prohibited for players of younger ages.

The jackpots and prizes exceeding €5,000 must be collected within 12 days, while the lower-prize winners have 60 days to initiate the claim.

lottery ticket is valid for a certain period after the draw, and you are deprived of the chance to claim it when it is over.

It will never happen, as there are no paper tickets offered to the players in Portugal.

As part of Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Jogos Santa Casa directs its proceeds to numerous social and charitable projects, leaving about 40% for the prize fund and associated expenses.


Notă: The lotterRezultatele y la Lottery n' Go nu sunt oficiale. Când joci the lottery, este întotdeauna recomandabil să vă verificați rezultatele cu un agent de loterie oficial înainte de a lua orice măsură suplimentară. Acest lucru este pentru a vă asigura că ați interpretat corect rezultatele și că nu sunteți pe cale să luați decizii pripite bazate pe informații incorecte.

Facem tot posibilul să oferim rezultate actualizate la fiecare oră. Dacă ați găsit vreo greșeală, vă rugăm să raportați aici.