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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Tuesday May 09, 2023

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Jaldi 3 Quick Pick Numbers

Jaldi 3

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

  • 3
  • 51
  • 51

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Jaldi 3 Prizes and Odds

If you have already tried your luck playing the good old Pick 3 game, it will be good news for you to know that India likes it very much as well. Here, the game is known as Jaldi 3, and its format and high winning chances attract millions of locals across the country!

MatchThe Examples of the Combinations That May Let You WinPrize (₹40 Wager)Prize (₹80 Wager)Odds %

You choose: 435

You win: 435 only

₹20,000₹40,0001 in 1000 or 0.1%
3-Way Box (Any Order)

You select: 884

You win: 884, 848, 488

₹6,400₹12,8001 in 333 or 0.3%
6-Way Box (Any Order)

You select: 713

You win: 713, 731, 137, 173, 317, 371

₹3,200₹6,4001 in 167 or 0.6%
3-Way Exact/Any OrderAny combination₹6,400₹26,4001 in 333 or 0.3% (overall)
6-Way Exact/Any OrderAny combination₹3,200₹23,2001 in 167 or 0.6% (overall)
Front/Back Pair

You choose: 546

You win: 54X (Front Pair), X46 (Back Pair)

₹2,000₹4,0001 in 100

Jaldi 3 Combo play prizes

Entering the Combo play may be a good idea to try more combinations. You will play at higher stakes here, so see if it is reasonable for you. Learn more about lottery odds and game rules to determine your budget and the number of lottery tickets. Maybe the statistics on how much money people spend in their lives on the lottery will be interesting for you, too.

MatchWinnings (₹120/₹240 bet)Winnings (₹240/₹480 bet)
3-Way Combo₹20,000₹40,000
6-Way Combo₹20,000₹40,000

The Jaldi 3 prizes cannot be multiplied because there are no appropriate options. However, the players walk other ways by buying more tickets and placing more bets, so the chances to win a prize or even several of them are higher.

However, some gamblers ignore the games with no multipliers, as they find them not so promising or engaging. If you think the same, join millions of lucky people on the top-recommended lottery sites. There, you can try various options and hit a lot of prizes in different games. Besides, all these websites are safe and reliable, so you can forget about any online lottery scams!

Jaldi 3 Drawing Schedule

The Pick 3 schedule can vary from area to area. As for Jaldi 3 in India, it offers very intense playing, with three draws held every day. Thanks to its unique format (we will tell you about it later), you don’t need to fuss around to buy tickets, so you can play at your pleasure. Experiment with your own lucky digits, turn to lottery numerology predictions, or rely on the most common winning combinations. Whatever approach you choose, believe in Lady Luck!

 Midday DrawsAfternoon DrawsNight Draws
Draw Time01:30 p.m. (Indian Standard Time)05:30 p.m. (Indian Standard Time)10:30 p.m. (Indian Standard Time)
Sales Stop01:20 p.m. (Indian Standard Time)05:20 p.m. (Indian Standard Time)10:20 p.m. (Indian Standard Time)

The Biggest Jaldi 3 Winners and Jackpots

The Jaldi 3 winnings are not very big. The maximum you can hit is ₹40,000 at ₹80 wager, which is a bit less than $500. That is why the lottery authorities don’t care much about releasing any facts about the winners at any tier or category. To learn about the biggest jackpot wins in lottery history, read about famous lotto winners and their paths to success. Besides, the stories of the luckiest Indian players will inspire you, too.

Jaldi 3 Rules in India

Jaldi 3 is a relatively new game in India. However, this lotto is almost identical to pick-type games played in the UK, US, and some other countries. The principles and features are very distinct and understandable:

  • You are allowed to play this game only if you are at least 18.
  • Traditionally, you pick three digits between 0 and 9. Start by learning how the Pick 3 strategy works, and then analyze the various methods of picking lottery numbers.
  • There are five play types available to the players, including Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Combo play, and Pairs.
  • You can enjoy this simple lottery three times a day, seven days a week.
  • The top prize equals ₹40,000 or around $500.
  • Jaldi 3 is a game that can only be played online! There are no physical tickets or traditional retailers offering them.

As only online gambling is available here, the order is very simple:

  1. Register on the official site of the game. You can’t enter without your official account.
  2. Click the Pick Numbers table at the top of the page for three numbers between 0 and 9. There are four fields for you, which implies four plays at a time. You can complete all of them.
  3. Mark the type of play you prefer.
  4. Set all the other available options.
  5. Pay for your entry and hope for better!

Though it is the only playing scheme for Jaldi 3, there are several ways for you to know the results. In fact, you can:

  • see if you are lucky enough using the Ticket Checker;
  • download the mobile app for the classiest gambling;
  • wait until you receive a notification about your win.

Besides, we invite you to stay with us! You’ll never miss the Jaldi 3 results! Moreover, you’ll get valuable tips on how to hit a prize and what to do if you win the lottery.

India Jaldi 3 Payout and Taxes

As you know, Jaldi 3 is an online lottery, so you can see that the prizes are claimed through the Internet as well. Don’t worry about this, as the online lottery is legal in India and the scheme is reliable and convenient.

All your entries, including bets and numbers, are always stored in the database of the lottery, so you will never lose any proof of your participation, as may happen to a paper ticket. So, just wait until the draw is over and you receive a notification about your win.

After that, your winnings will be transferred into your player’s account, and you will see your account balance there. After that, it’s up to you whether you spend it on the following plays or just withdraw the money from your bank account. If you prefer this way, please note that the withdrawal will be processed for about 72 hours.

In India, lottery prizes are taxed at a rate of 30%. But this rule applies to prizes higher than ₹10,000. When you play Jaldi 3, you can forget about any deductions.

Things to Know About Jaldi 3 in India

  • Depending on your gambling intentions and your lottery strategy, you can bet ₹40 or ₹80. However, the entry into Combo play implies you pay more, as the wagers are between ₹120 and ₹480 there.
  • Jaldi 3 is played under the surveillance of the Gambling Commission, a British government organization.
  • If you choose to play Pairs, you must select only two digits, as the third one is always a Quick Pick.
  • You don’t need to think much about the claiming period, as the winnings are deposited into your account right after the win!
  • Jaldi 3 prizes are never shared between the winners, no matter how many of them are within a draw.
  • You can enter Jaldi 3 with the same numbers three times in a row.
  • You can play by subscription, so you can enter each following draw automatically.

FAQs Jaldi 3

The Jaldi 3 (India) official site always provides lottery results. Besides, you can check your numbers right here after the drawings.

You don’t need to worry about fitting your plans into the Jaldi 3 schedule. It is held every day!

The draws start at 01:30 p.m., 05:30 p.m., and 10:30 p.m. IST.

Though the winners cannot stay totally anonymous in India, there is too little information about them on the official site.

As Jaldi 3 takes place online only, locating the places where the tickets are sold is almost impossible. Hundreds of locations have their winners.

You cannot place a Jaldi 3 bet with a paper ticket. So, create an account on the official website, sit by your PC, laptop, or phone where the lottery’s mobile app is downloaded, and win prizes every day.

All the Jaldi 3 numbers are generated by computers. So, there are no live draws for this lottery in India.

The sales are suspended for 10 minutes prior to the draw. It means that there are three Jaldi 3 draw breaks at 01:20 p.m., 05:20 p.m., and 10:20 p.m. IST. If you are late, you can enter the following play, so you will never miss your chance!


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