Friday Bonanza (Ghana) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

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Latest Friday Bonanza Winning Numbers & Jackpots

Friday Bonanza Draw Date Winning numbers

Friday Jun 14, 2024

  • 15
  • 16
  • 32
  • 34
  • 58

Friday Jun 07, 2024

  • 09
  • 10
  • 21
  • 35
  • 65

Friday May 31, 2024

  • 01
  • 34
  • 52
  • 53
  • 83

Friday May 24, 2024

  • 06
  • 34
  • 42
  • 43
  • 54

Friday May 17, 2024

  • 03
  • 22
  • 41
  • 52
  • 61

Friday May 10, 2024

  • 03
  • 35
  • 75
  • 77
  • 86

Friday May 03, 2024

  • 22
  • 51
  • 69
  • 70
  • 78

Friday Apr 26, 2024

  • 25
  • 38
  • 43
  • 54
  • 58

Friday Apr 19, 2024

  • 08
  • 17
  • 20
  • 23
  • 49

Friday Apr 12, 2024

  • 19
  • 23
  • 56
  • 80
  • 82

Friday Bonanza Hot & Cold Numbers

Hot Numbers
  • 03
  • 34
  • 20
  • 23
  • 58
Cold Numbers
  • 01
  • 04
  • 08
  • 25
  • 62
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Friday Bonanza Quick Pick Numbers

Friday Bonanza
Next draw date not updated

How Many Lines?

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  • Line 2
  • Line 3
  • Line 4
  • Line 5
  • Line 6
  • Line 7
  • Line 8
  • Line 9
  • Line 10
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  • Line 14
  • Line 15
  • Line 16
  • Line 17
  • Line 18
  • Line 19
  • Line 20
  • Line 21
  • Line 22
  • Line 23
  • Line 24
  • Line 25
  • Line 26
  • Line 27
  • Line 28
  • Line 29
  • Line 30

Friday Bonanza Prizes and Odds

Now, it is the end of the weekdays, and we know how to enjoy this time. Join the fans of Friday Bonanza in Ghana, take advantage of this simple and engaging game, and get more energy and maybe money for your happy weekend!

MatchApproximate Prize AmountOdds %
5GHS 35,6001 in 43,949,268 or 0.0000023%
4GHS 4,4001 in 103,410 or 0.00096%
3GHS 1,7001 in 1,231 or 0.081%
2GHS 2131 in 44.5
1GHS 361 in 4.3

Though there are no add-ons for increasing Friday Bonanza prizes, the devoted Ghanaian players never feel disappointed! We agree that the winnings are not big and may need multipliers, but genuine gamblers play for fun, not for money, so they just relax and take it easy. Moreover, the lottery odds are not bad, and the game rules are quite simple. To get more chances, create a lottery prediction algorithm in Excel or just follow lottery predictions. Good luck!

Friday Bonanza Drawing Schedule

We are sure you have big plans for Friday, but still, find some time to find out if your lucky numbers bring you a win. It all happens early in the evening, so you will have enough time to meet your plans, read a lottery book, walk in a park, or have a joyful dinner with your family.
Draw Time 07:15 p.m. UTC (GMT), Accra Time
Sales Stop 06:45 p.m. UTC (GMT), Accra Time

The Biggest Friday Bonanza Winners and Jackpots

The winners’ stories are always inspiring, no matter what the lottery is. However, the National Lottery Authority in Ghana doesn’t give any information about the luckiest players. We believe there are happy lotto participants who hit the jackpot, but the exact information about Friday Bonanza is yet to be revealed.

Still, if you wonder if it is possible to win millions and even billions and dispose of them reasonably, just read our breathtaking stories about lottery winners who are still wealthy.

Friday Bonanza Rules in Ghana

Friday Bonanza is a draw game in the Ghanaian lottery series called Lucky Numbers. It is overseen by the National Lottery Authority (NLA), a state-governed company and the only legal operator in the country. Its first draw took place on April 20, 2007, a few days after the other games of the series, Lucky Tuesday and Fortune Thursday, were introduced. Today, Friday Bonanza keeps to the following principles:

  • Players must be at least 18 to enter any lottery in Ghana, and Friday Bonanza is not an exception.
  • You choose five numbers from the set of 90 balls, just like when you play any other Lucky Numbers game. For example, you may select numbers following lottery numerology predictions or turn to the most common winning combinations.
  • The Friday Bonanza prizes may be won in all five tiers, even if only one number is matched.
  • You can prefer the Direct, Permutation, or Banker playstyles. To decide which one to choose, learn lottery strategies that work.
  • All the prizes are non-progressive, so the winners in the same tier receive the same amounts after each draw. These sums are not the highest jackpots in the world, but they are worth your efforts. Still, if you keep to “All or Nothing!” you can choose other games on trusted online lottery sites and use all the options and possibilities to increase your winnings.

You can play Friday Bonanza on the licensed lottery vending machines at the NLA retail locations or just use your mobile phone to place a bet with more comfort. The instructions are as follows:

  1. The lottery players who are technology-friendly enter Friday Bonanza via the 890# short code that they dial on their mobile phones. It is very convenient, indeed.
  2. If you want to be sure that your entry is validated, follow the traditional route and buy a ticket at the terminal at any NLA point of sale.

If your entry is made via the short code, you will be notified about the results right after the draw. If you played at the terminal or just want more thrills, watch the Friday Bonanza live draws on UTV, follow the news on the NLA website, or just stay with us and bookmark the page where the current results of this wonderful lottery are released.

Ghana Friday Bonanza Payout and Taxes

If you win the lottery, stay calm and go get your money. Please note that your lotto ticket expires 14 days after the date of the draw! Don’t waste your time. Choose one of these claim methods:

  1. The players who place the wagers via mobile phones receive the winnings right on their mobile phone accounts.
  2. To claim your prize won on the ticket from the NLA terminal, stop by any Lottery office nearby.
  3. If you are the jackpot winner, just wait a little till you are invited to the National Lottery Authority Headquarters in Accra, the capital of Ghana, to be awarded the coveted check!

The lottery prizes are taxed in Ghana! The amendments to the Income Tax Act in Ghana were accepted on March 31, 2023, implying a 10% withholding from any lottery winnings. Earlier, the winners were freed of taxes, but the government of Ghana decided to reintroduce taxation to withdraw money for social development, education, and many other projects of the king.

Things to Know About Friday Bonanza in Ghana

  • To place a Friday Bonanza bet, be ready to pay at least 1 cedi.
  • Friday Bonanza is a part of the Lucky Numbers lottery series that also includes the Monday Special, Lucky Tuesday, Mid-Week, Fortune Thursday, and National Weekly Lotto.
  • The game is available to foreign players as a unified game called Lucky Numbers, played six days a week. The format of all these games is the same, so it is quite logical.
  • The Friday Bonanza draws are held in Accra at the NLA Headquarters, located at Brennan Hall.
  • There were no taxes imposed on lottery winnings between 2017 and 2023.

FAQs Friday Bonanza

The official results are released at the National Lottery Authority site. Also, welcome to our site. We share the latest results, lottery statistics, and other useful information.

As you may understand, Friday is the day when this awesome lottery takes place.

Leave out all your routines by 07:15 p.m. (Accra time) to see if you are a winner.

There are no public announcements about any winners of this lottery.

As Friday Bonanza is held all over Ghana, we think the players win in all its locations. Any ticket may become a winning one. It all depends on the players’ luck and the method of picking lottery numbers.

You can purchase them at the NLA-licensed vending machines or just place your wager via mobile phone.

The Friday Bonanza draws are broadcast on UTV. Besides, you can watch them on YouTube and Facebook.

The Friday Bonanza ticket sales are cut off at 06:45 p.m. UTC, half an hour before the draw takes place.

Note: The lottery results on Lottery n’ Go are not official. When playing the lottery, it is always advisable to verify your results with an official lottery agent before taking any further action. This is to ensure that you have correctly interpreted the results and that you are not about to make any rash decisions based on incorrect information. We’re doing our best to provide updated results every 1h. If you found any mistake, please report here.