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Quick Pick vs Own Numbers in Lottery – Which is the Best to Win?

Your hopes of winning the lottery and becoming a jackpot winner depend on whether you can successfully predict the winning numbers in the draw. There are two ways to choose your numbers. You can employ lottery strategies or your lucky numbers, such as birthdays, phone numbers, or numbers appearing to you in the dream. You may also employ the quick pick option to select their lottery numbers. 

Both have pros and cons, so you shouldn’t take them lightly. It is worth considering how both methods can help you to better maximize your chances in the lottery. This article compares the quick pick against choosing your own numbers in the lottery to help you identify the one that may be your best choice to win the lottery.

Comparing Lottery Quick Pick vs Self Pick Own Pick Numbers: Pros and Cons

The table below shows the pros and cons of the quick pick versus choosing your own number in the lottery.

Quick Pick

Pros Cons
  • It is quick and convenient
  • It is completely randomized
  • Wider selection
  • Less likely to split winnings with other winners
  • There is no margin for error
  • You have zero control over lottery numbers
  • You will be stuck with the numbers you are given once you play the ticket
  • Checking the result after the lottery draw may be tricky because you are less likely to remember the quick-pick numbers

Self Pick: Choosing Your Own Numbers

Pros Cons
  • You have absolute control over your lottery selection
  • Playing your own numbers will make it easier to know if you are a winner
  • It can help you to avoid common numbers
  • It is the more flexible option for playing multiple draws.
  • You have a chance to employ lottery statistics and play your lucky numbers
  • Manually selecting your own numbers takes a longer time
  • You may end up sharing the jackpot with others if they use the same lottery strategies as you.
  • There is room for error because you could make mistakes while selecting your lottery numbers

Quick Pick Lottery Numbers

Quick pick employs a random lottery number generator to select your lottery numbers. All you have to do is to click “ quick pick”, and the generator fills your slip automatically with random numbers.

The quick-pick option is a more popular option among lottery players. About 70 to 80 percent of lottery players use the quick-pick option to choose their numbers. This could be attributed to the fact that most players value the ease and convenience that the quick pick offers rather than selecting their numbers by themselves.

Records also show that 80 percent of jackpot winners used the quick pick to choose the lottery numbers. This provides definite proof that the quick pick actually works, so you can still win even if you don’t use any lottery strategy.

How Are Quick Pick Numbers Generated?

Here is how the quick pick works. An algorithm generates the quick-pick numbers randomly for the lottery. It utilizes a random number generator to select numbers in an unbiased and unpredictable manner. As a result, it can ensure fairness and prevent manipulation of the results.

Most lotteries on online lottery sites offer a quick pick option, which will select numbers for you instead of selecting them yourself.

Advantages of quick pick numbers

Below are some of the advantages of quick pick numbers:

  • Fast and Convenient – The quick pick eliminates the lengthy time selecting your numbers by yourself demands. If you employ lottery strategies like Pick 3, Pick 4, or Pick 5, you will spend more time and effort choosing your lottery numbers. With the quick pick, it is a lot more straightforward. All you have to do is click the quick pick option, and the number generator fills your slip with a random number selection.
  • Wider Selection – The quick pick option encourages players to build their selections throughout the number pool. Most players are often restricted from a wider selection due to their lottery strategies or how they choose their lottery numbers. For instance, a player that wants to use their birthday date in the lottery might be restricted to a number pool of 1-12 when representing the twelve months and 1 – 31 when representing the months. This forces them to ignore other parts of the number pool. The quick pick ensures that you consider the whole playing field in your number selection.
  • Less Likely to Share Winnings – The quick pick will give you a completely random number selection, so the probability that someone else will have your number selection is very low. So if you get lucky, and your selection turns out to be the winning one, you are more likely to be the only winner and less likely to share the jackpot.
  • Reduces the Possibility of Lottery Addiction – You spend less energy and time on the lottery with the quick pick. This will prevent you from developing an emotional attachment to the lottery, thus, reducing the possibility of gambling addiction. It will make it easier to stop playing.

Picking Your Own Lottery Numbers

Some players may prefer to use their own lottery numbers. Selecting your numbers manually allows you to employ lottery strategies such as wheeling systems, lottery software, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, or Pick 6 to further increase your chances of success in the lottery. You can also use your lucky numbers to bring lady luck to your side.

How to choose your own numbers

You can choose your own numbers simply by going to the game you want to play on the online lottery website. Then click the numbers you want to select in the number grid. Once you are done, click play. This will enter your selection into the lottery draw.

Advantages of choosing your own numbers

  • Absolute Control over Lottery Selection: Compared to the quick pick, selecting your own lottery numbers gives you absolute control over the lottery. It will give you the opportunity to play whatever you want. For some people, it provides psychological relief because they feel better when they know they played their personal lucky numbers.
  • Easy Result Check: Using the self-pick option makes it easier to know if you matched some or all of the lottery numbers, especially if it is your lucky number selection or a number selection that you play weekly. It will be easier to commit them to memory, and you will know immediately whether you qualify for a prize.
  • More Flexibility: It is more flexible to pick your own numbers because it allows you to participate in more than one draw if you choose to do so. With the self-pick, you can play your numbers for multiple draws, use the same selection every week, use a different selection, or combine both methods.
  • Able to Use Statistics and Lottery Strategies: Lottery strategies and statistics can be valuable for maximizing your chances. They can help you to avoid random guesses and make calculated decisions for your number selection. Choosing your own number gives you a chance to use statistics and lottery strategies that can bring lottery success.

Strategies for Picking Numbers

Here are some strategies that you can use to choose your lottery numbers.

  • Pick 3 strategies: help players to choose work for lotteries that require players to choose three numbers from a number pool. Popular Pick 3 strategies include Tic-Tac-Toe Pick 3 Method, Run Down Pick 3 Method, and Strategy Charting Systems.
  • Pick 4 strategies: work for lotteries that require players to choose four numbers from the number pool. Popular Pick 4 strategies include Tic-Tac-Toe Pick 4 Method and the Rundown Pick 4 Method.
  • Pick 5 strategies: can assist players in picking the five numbers for their Pick 5 lottery, like the Powerball, EuroJackpot, and Mega Millions. Popular Pick 5 strategies include the Run Down Pick 5 Method and Tic-Tac-Toe Pick 5 Method.
  • Pick 6 strategies: help players to create their lottery selections for Pick 6 games such as Lotto 6/49, SuperEnalotto, and Ireland Lotto. Popular Pick 6 strategies include odds or even number analysis, sector analysis, and Tic-Tac-Toe Pick 6 Method.
  • Wheeling System: It is a lottery strategy that employs a wheel to provide possible lottery combinations from a group of selected numbers. There are different types of wheeling systems, namely: full wheeling system, key number wheeling system, and abbreviated wheeling system.
For more information, we recommend you consult our guide on the best lottery software and prediction tools.
  • Lottery Software: You can also employ lottery software to choose your lottery numbers. The algorithm uses different strategies and lottery systems to generate lottery combinations that increase the odds of winning.
For more information, we recommend you consult our guide on the best lottery software and prediction tools.
  • Play Your Lucky Numbers: You can also play your lucky numbers, such as your birthday date, anniversary date, wedding date, and other important dates in your life, to help you win the lottery. Your horoscope lucky numbers, according to your Zodiac signs, may also push the lottery in your favor.
You can also use the law of attraction to improve your chances and manifest winning the lottery.

Is It Better to Pick Your Own Lottery Numbers?

You have the same chance of winning the lottery whether you use Quick Pick or choose your own numbers. There would not even be a question about the most effective option if one had a clear advantage. Everyone will have different answers, as it largely depends on personal preference. Some people may prefer choosing their one number, while others may value the convenience and ease of the quick pick.

However, you should note that regardless of how you play the lottery, you will still need to beat unfavorable odds to win the jackpot.

Final thoughts: Quick Pick vs. Own Numbers

When we look at lottery winner statistics, we discover that both methods can successfully predict the winning lottery combination. Although a bigger percentage of lottery winners (about 80 percent) used the quick pick method, this does not prove that the quick pick is the better option; it is because more players use the quick pick option to select their lottery combination.

In conclusion, we want to point out that with some luck, either quick pick or self-pick could be your winning formula to win the lottery. You must find the option that works for you and use it in your lottery games.


How do I choose my own numbers?
There are two major ways to choose your lottery numbers. You can choose your own numbers using lottery strategies, lucky numbers, or lottery software. Also, leave it to chance and use the quick pick option to have the system randomly generate your lottery number.

Do you have better odds of picking your own lottery numbers?
The odds do not improve whether you choose your own numbers or quick pick. So you do not get better odds when picking your own lottery numbers. However, you will get an opportunity to make data-driven decisions based on past results and lottery strategy suggestions.

Is the quick pick rigged?
No, the quick pick is not rigged. The lottery numbers that quick pick provides are completely randomized, so there is no way for anyone to predict what will come out at a particular time.

Can I use a combination of quick pick and own numbers?
Yes, it is possible to use a combination of quick pick and own numbers. First, use the quick pick option to randomly generate numbers for you. Then remove some of the numbers and replace them with your own number.

Are there any guarantees for winning with the quick pick or your own numbers?
No, there are no guarantees for winning with the quick pick or choosing your own numbers. No lottery selection can offer you a guarantee of winning the lottery, regardless of how you generate the numbers.

Is it better to use quick pick or own numbers in lottery games?
There is no better choice between quick pick or choosing your own numbers in lottery games. Both methods do not improve the odds or guarantee winning the lottery; they can only help you make your lottery selection.

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