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Powerball Results & Current Winning Numbers (22/09/2022 03:00 GMT​​)

Lottery ‘n Go has always made it a point to keep you updated on all matters of lotteries and related jackpots. Our focus this week is on the Powerball Lottery and what to look out for this week and in the future as well. Once again, we will focus on some pointers to look out for to increase your chances of becoming the next millionaire.

Current Winning Numbers (updated on: 22/09/2022 03:00 GMT​)

This week winning Powerball Lottery numbers were:

U.S. - Powerball
22/09/2022 03:00 GMT
  • 6
  • 33
  • 34
  • 45
  • 54
  • 7

The current top prize is US$ 270 Million, the highest it has been in several weeks. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase those tickets. You never know, you might scoop that US$ 270 Million Powerball Lottery prize money very soon.

What You Need to Know

The trick is usually just deciding to play the Powerball Lottery. You never know when your luck will come through for you to become the next lottery millionaire. Many have come before you, and they have attributed their Powerball Lottery win to that one decision to purchase their first ticket. However, you need to be wise about it. Lottery ‘n Go encourages you not to go in blindly. The online lottery syndicates is another great option you can go for!

Increase Your Chances of Becoming the Next Powerball Lottery Winner

You can read this article to know how you can play the Powerball Lottery and any other lottery around the world. Some highlights include selecting your numbers wisely. There is a specific set of numbers that are known to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Another strategy is group play. You can purchase as many tickets as possible or do so with friends. Pairing this strategy by choosing your numbers wisely tremendously increases your chances of winning. Do not miss out on the expert tips on how to win the lottery. Follow these steps, and the others highlighted in the article, and you might be the next Powerball Lottery winner of the current prize of US$ 270 Million​ at 25/09/2022 14:00 GMT​.

Omg!... IT's your lucky day!

US$ 325 Million​

Next draw: 28/09/2022 01:00 GMT