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Kazakhstan Loto 6 49
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Wednesday and Saturday at 8:55 PM local time (4:55 PM CET)


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Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 Review

Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 might not be the most popular lottery out there. However, there are many reasons why you should try it. Its ticket prices are affordable, and there’s a guaranteed jackpot fund. The game is also excellent for newbies since it features a simple concept. Our detailed Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 explains all details about this lottery. You can check the payout chart, winning odds, and discover how to purchase tickets for the next draw!

How to Buy Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 Tickets Online

The first requirement is to find a website offering Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 tickets, such as The Lotter. Here are the steps to follow to purchase your tickets:
  1. Sign up for the desired website.
  2. Add funds to your balance by choosing the desired payment method.
  3. Use those funds to purchase tickets on the site.
You have total freedom when it comes to selecting the numbers. A single betting line costs KZT300, which is around $0.7. That puts Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 among the most affordable lotteries out there.

How to Play Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 Online

Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 features a single drum concept. That means all numbers come from the same pot, which makes the game easy to understand. The lottery utilizes a 6+1/49 formula. During a single session, six main numbers are the first ones drawn. After that, the provider draws a bonus number which helps to determine the second prize tier.

Odds of Winning Kazakhstan Loto 6/49

Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 has jackpot winning odds placed at 1:13,983,816. You’ll find many lotteries with this concept, such as Canada Lotto 6/49 and Turkey Lotto 6/49. It’s a popular formula because the players find it fair and attractive. The overall odds of winning a prize are 1:8.3. Here is a complete overview of your chances to win a reward for all tiers.
Requirements Odds of Winning
6 1:13,983,816
5+1 1:2,330,636
5 1:55,492
4 1:1,033
3 1:56.7
2 1:8.3

When Is the Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 Drawing?

Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 has two weekly draws. The first one occurs on Wednesday at 8:55 PM local time. That’s 4:55 PM CET, which is attractive because not many lotteries have sessions at that time of the day. The second session occurs on Saturdays, and the time when the session starts is the same.

Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 Payout Chart

This game is among those who offer a guaranteed minimum sum for the grand prize. That amount isn’t as attractive as in US Powerball, but it’s still decent. It starts at approximately $47,085. If nobody wins it, the sum transfers to the next session and increases. Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 gives around 52% of the entire playing fund back to players. Some lower-tiered prizes offer a fixed amount, while others depend on how many tickets were sold.
Requirements Estimated Prize
6 KZT20,000,000 (around $47,085) + 6% of the playing fund (PF)
5+1 Fixed 6% of the PF
5 Fixed 3% of the PF
4 Fixed 9% of the PF
3 KZT1,300 (around $3.1)
2 KZT300 (around $0.75)

Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 Taxes

Kazakhstan has an applicable lottery tax, but it doesn’t apply to all winnings. You only pay the tax if your win is six times over the Monthly Calculation Index (MCI). The MCI is variable, but it was KZT2,917 (around $6.87) in January 2021. That indicates your win should be over $41 to be subject to taxes. The tax rate is 10% for the residents of Kazakhstan. If you are a foreign resident, you can expect a 20% tax.

Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 History

The lottery in Kazakhstan has a long history, but the current Loto 6/49 variation was launched in 2016. That’s when the company called Satty Zhuldyz was established. According to the local law, this is the only company licensed to be a lottery operator in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This isn’t the only game organized by this provider. You can also try Kazakhstan 5/36 lotto, which is quite popular in this country.

Biggest Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 Jackpots in the History

There are no exact statistics on the biggest jackpot winner in the history of Kazakhstan Loto 6/49. A recent huge winner from Atyrau won KZT109,745,300. That’s roughly $258K. Although it’s not as impressive as the largest jackpots in the lottery history, it’s still a great prize. That’s especially true if you consider the affordable ticket price for this game. It’s interesting to mention that most Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 winners come from Almaty. That’s understandable because this is the largest city in the entire country. The new capital Nur Sultan is in second place when it comes to the number of winners.

Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 FAQ’s

How to Play Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 from Outside Kazakhstan? Is It Legal? Yes, it’s legal to play Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 from any country in the world. We suggest choosing the best lottery sites and playing online. What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Kazakhstan Loto 6/49? According to the official website statistics, the most commonly drawn numbers are  43, 42, 17, 1, 41, 32, and 18. What is the deadline for buying Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 tickets before the drawing? If you buy tickets online, you can do that before the draw starts. Please note there are two draws every week, and selling tickets for the new session begins after the previous one finishes.

Kazakhstan Loto 6/49 – Is It Worth Playing?

It’s hard to find anything special about Kazakhstan Loto 6/49. However, it’s a game that does many things right and has an attractive concept, especially for newbies. Although it doesn’t have a long tradition, you can rest assured it’s a trustworthy game with guaranteed payouts. The ticket price is low, which means it doesn’t cost much to try the game. You might end up liking it since it has a guaranteed jackpot fund and drawing times you could find attractive.