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Kazakhstan 5/36
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Tuesday and Friday at 8:55 PM local time (4:55 PM CET)


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Kazakhstan 5/36 Review

Kazakhstan 5/36 is a fairly simple lottery game because it doesn’t involve second drums or bonus balls. Instead, things are straightforward as you only have a single drum and four prize tiers. Is that enough to try this lotto? You might figure that out if you read our Kazakhstan 5/36 lottery review. It offers all details, including why this game is worth trying!

How to Buy Kazakhstan 5/36 Tickets Online

The process is no different than for other lotteries. That means you start by choosing the desired vendor and registering an account on that website.

Here are the steps to follow to complete the purchase:

  1. You need to have sufficient funds in your balance on the site. Most sites offer multiple payment methods, which makes purchasing the desired tickets easy.
  2. You’ll notice the option to choose the preferred numbers on the lottery page. It’s possible to play as many combinations as you want.
  3. After finalizing the transaction, the vendor will send the tickets or confirmation to your inbox.

The price per ticket is $0.94 (KZT400), which makes the game a fine choice if you are looking for lotteries with cheap tickets.

How to Play Kazakhstan 5/36 Online

If you played lotto before, you’d understand the rules of Kazakhstan 5/36. You pick five numbers from 1 to 36 for your ticket. The idea is to guess all five numbers that will be drawn during a session. If you do that, you win the grand prize. Apart from the jackpot, there are three other prize tiers. You’ll need to guess at least two numbers correctly to qualify for a reward.

Odds of Winning Kazakhstan 5/36

Kazakhstan 5/36 offers one of the best jackpot winning odds, with the chances placed at 1:376,992. That justifies the relatively modest grand reward. These odds are similar to some other small lotteries, such as Texas Cash Five.

The overall odds of winning the prize could be better, and you can check the entire structure below.

RequirementsOdds of Winning

When Is the Kazakhstan 5/36 Drawing?

You can play Kazakhstan 5/35 twice per week. The first drawing date is Tuesday, and the second is Friday. The local drawing time is 8:55 PM, which is 4:55 CET.

Kazakhstan 5/36 Payout Chart

Kazakhstan 5/36 has a guaranteed jackpot fund of KZT3 million. That’s around $7.1K, which isn’t impressive. However, the prize increases for the next draw if nobody wins it. That means it can rise to some tempting sums.

The only fixed amount is in the lowest prize tier. The second and third levels depend on the playing fund for a particular round.

RequirementsEstimated Prize
5KZT3,000,000 ($7.1K) + 21.28% of the playing fund
44.2% of the playing fund
312.6% of the playing fund
2KZT400 ($0.94)

Kazakhstan 5/36 Taxes

The lottery taxes are a bit complicated in Kazakhstan. You only have to pay them if your prize is six times higher than the MCI. That’s the Monthly Calculation Index, which is roughly about $7 in 2021. So, if your win is above $40, you can expect a 10% tax if you are a local. If you are a non-resident, the tax will be 20%, which is double as high.

Kazakhstan 5/36 History

This country has a long tradition of offering lottery games. As for Kazakhstan 5/36, its current provider is Satty Zhuldyz. That’s the national lottery provider, which means this is a government-run lottery. This game originates back to 2016, which is when this company was established. There is no information on rule changes, so we believe the concept is the same from the first draw.

Biggest Kazakhstan 5/36 Jackpots in the History

You can’t exactly call Kazakhstan 5/36 the most generous game out there, at least when it comes to jackpots. However, the winners receive main prizes fairly often. The last notable winner won KZT11,666,500 ($27.4K) in November 2020. The current record, however, is KZT28 million, which is around $66K.

Kazakhstan 5/36 FAQ’s

How to Play Kazakhstan 5/36 from Outside Kazakhstan? Is It Legal?

Yes, you can play this lottery from anywhere in the world. There are two requirements – you need to be of legal age and find a lottery vendor offering Kazakhstan 5/36, such as The Lotter.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Kazakhstan 5/36?

The official site indicates that the most common numbers in Kazakhstan 5/36 are 35, 30, 27, 13, 7, 1, and 19.

What is the deadline for buying Kazakhstan 5/36 tickets before the drawing?

The deadline for buying tickets is shortly before the draw starts. The drawing times are Tuesday and Friday at 4:55 CET, so make sure to get your tickets in time.

Kazakhstan 5/36 – Is It Worth Playing?

Kazakhstan 5/36 is a small-scale national lottery that offers only four prize tiers. The concept is a bit old-fashioned, but it can be attractive for beginners and those who like simple games. You can participate in two draws every week, which increases the fun and the winning odds. Finally, it’s easy to buy tickets for the Kazakhstan 5/36 lotto online, so make sure to give this lottery a try!