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Damacai 3D

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Lørdag 24. februar 2024

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3D-premier og odds

Malaysia is a wonderful country, and its nature, culture, and places of interest may make anyone feel astonished. However, this is not all for devoted gamblers who cannot but take a moment to try their luck in local lotteries. If that’s your case, 3D may become a great idea to start.

MatchABC (Big) Bet TypeA (Small) Bet Type
1st PrizeMYR 250MYR 660
2nd-prisenMYR 210-
3rd-prisenMYR 150-

Da Ma Cai, the lottery leverandør i Malaysia, doesn’t offer any multipliers for the 3D, although they would be very useful here. Nevertheless, lottery fans are not upset, as they play it just for fun and combine it with more promising games of chance on safe and reliable online lottery websites.


3D draws are held tre ganger i uken på kvelden. Additionally, Special Draws may be conducted under the Ministry of Finance’s approval on Tuesdays. Keep an eye on the schedule and catch the chance to experiment with forskjellige lotteristrategier og endelig win the lotto prize.

Tegn tid07:00 (malaysisk standardtid, UTC+8)07:00 (malaysisk standardtid, UTC+8)07:00 (malaysisk standardtid, UTC+8)
Salgsstopp07:00 (malaysisk standardtid, UTC+8)07:00 (malaysisk standardtid, UTC+8)07:00 (malaysisk standardtid, UTC+8)

The Biggest 3D Jackpot Winners and Jackpots

The Damacai 3D prizes are small, and the names of the winners are unknown. Still, you can increase your possible winnings if you decide to enter other games that Da Ma Cai offers. For example, you may play 3D Jackpot or Damacai 4D (1+3D).

3D Rules in Malaysia

3D is a relatively new lottery offered by Da Ma Cai, a local lottery service provider. Da Ma Cai means Pan Malaysian Lottery in Mandarin, and, as you can see from its name, it is approved and accredited by the Government of Malaysia. Da Ma Cai has been operating across the state since 1988, but 3D was introduced only in 2014, and its key features are the following:

  • Only players 21 and older are allowed to play 3D Jackpot legally.
  • All you need to do to play the game is pick three sets of three numbers ranging between 0 and 9. Read hvordan Pick 3-strategien fungerer for å øke vinnersjansene dine.
  • 3D offers several types of play – Straight Bet, Lucky Pick, Box Bet, and Roll Bet.
  • This is a tri-weekly lottery, though extra draws may be arranged from time to time.

As was said above, there are a few game styles offered for 3D in Malaysia. They are the following:

  • Straight Bet (Self Pick) – pick three sets of three numbers to enter the game. You may choose lykketallene dine, convert words to numbers, or use any other approach to select lottery combinations for your ticket;
  • Lucky Pick (LP) – it represents a lucky number that the computer automatically chooses. If you prefer the Rask valg-strategi å leke the lottery, this type of play is yours;
  • Box Bet – if you want to increase your chances of winning, cover all permutations of your favorite set of digits. For example, if you opt for the BOX Bet on 337, you cover three permutations, i.e., 337, 373, and 733;
  • Roll Bet – in this event, you can roll the first, second, or third digit of your 3D number and get ten 3D numbers.

If you prefer paper tickets and want to play traditionally, just visit any of the Da Ma Cai outlets and complete your game slip this way:

  1. Choose the preferred type of play – Self Pick, Lucky Pick, or a System Bet.
  2. Select three sets of digits between 0 and 9.
  3. Mark the type of your bet – “ABC” (Big) or “A” (Small), or choose both.
  4. Opt for the play type.
  5. Specify your bet amount for each number you pick.
  6. Hand your game slip back to the retailer and confirm your selection.
  7. Keep your ticket as close as possible, as it is your only bearer instrument.

Also, you can place your bet through the Da Ma Cai official mobile app. Just download it and enjoy unlimited gambling.

To see the results, use the lotterinummerkontroll or choose any of these options:

  • stay on the Da Ma Cai official website, pass over to the results tab, and insert the draw date and the draw number you are interested in to see the results.
  • take advantage of using the dmcGO mobile app, as the results are always at your fingertips in this case;
  • visit any Da Ma Cai outlet to have your ticket validated.

Further, you can feel free to book our 3D Jackpot results page and keep track of the results in the most convenient way.

3D Payout and Taxes

Claiming your lottery win is a simple process, as the prizes are far from the største jackpotter i verden. However, you must hurry up, as the lottokuponger utløper three months after the winning draw.

Minor prizes can be claimed at any Da Ma Cai outlet across Malaysia. You can search for the nearest one on the dmcGO mobile app. If there are any issues concerning your prize claim, you may also call + 60-3-2182-2188 å få hjelp.

You don’t need to pay taxes if you win a lottery in Malaysia! Any prizes, including lottery winnings, as well as the money won from a newspaper, TV, or online competition, are regarded as capital gain or windfall, not income. So, you can feel relaxed because the money is all yours.

Things to Know About 3D in Malaysia

  • The minimum 3D bet is MYR 1, a Lucky Pick bet is MYR 1, Box Bet is MYR 3, and a Roll Bet is MYR 10.
  • Ca 55% av the lottery income goes to the prize pool.
  • 3D winning numbers are determined by the last three digits of the 1+3D winning numbers.
  • The draws are usually conducted in turf clubs in Selangor, Penang, and Perak, as well as in some Off-Course Centers.

Vanlige spørsmål 3D

Denne siden og 3D (Malaysia) official website are the most reliable sources, but you can also keep to its dmcGO app if you like.

Usually, the draws are conducted on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but you may turn out to be lucky enough to get to the Special Draw that sometimes takes place on Tuesdays.

The show begins at 07:00 p.m. MYT.

The prizes are not so high, so 3D has many winners whose names are unknown.

The winning tickets may be purchased at any location in Malaysia. So, define the luckiest time to play the lottery og handle.

Feel free to purchase them at Da Ma Cai outlets across the state or place your bets in the mobile app.

There is no information about 3D broadcasts on local TV.

The sales stop right at the moment the draw begins, so you can enter the game up to 07:00 p.m. MYT on drawing dates.

OBS: The lotterResultatene på Lottery n' Go er ikke offisielle. Når du spiller the lottery, det er alltid tilrådelig å verifisere resultatene dine med en offisiell lotteriagent før du gjør noe videre. Dette er for å sikre at du har tolket resultatene riktig og at du ikke er i ferd med å ta noen forhastede beslutninger basert på feil informasjon. Vi gjør vårt beste for å gi oppdaterte resultater hver 1. time. Hvis du finner noen feil, vennligst rapporter her..