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3D-premier og odds

Pick-type games and strategies may let you feel in your element if you play lotteries for a long time. However, things change when you come across the 3D lottery in China. Although it may seem very simple at first sight, the number of play types and combinations offered for 3D can surprise anyone. Though the awards are not so big, the structure is really engaging.

Single Selections Prizes

To win this kind of game is easy; just match all three digits selected in strict order. Lær deg Velg strategi 3 to make a well-thought-out decision.

3 Digits in exact order¥1040 (about $144)

Group Selections

In group selections, your win depends on both your match of all three numbers and their identity. The prizes are also rather nice.

3-Way Box (two the same and one different digits)¥346 (about $48)
6-veis boks (alle sifrene er forskjellige)¥173 (about $24)

1D Bet

This type of play is the simplest; you need to guess just one digit. The place of the number you selected determines your prize payout.

1 (any position in a triple of digits selected)¥10 (about $1.5)
Første siffer¥2 (about $0.3)
Andre siffer¥12 (about $1.5)
Third digit¥230 (about $32)

2D Bet

Here, the steps are also clearly defined; you select two numbers and attempt to match their positions. The identity of the digits is also important.

2 (in exact positions)¥104 (about $14)
2 the same digits¥37 (about $5)
2 different digits¥19 (about $3)

General Selections

In this case, you select three digits and win a fixed prize depending on a strict or free order of digits. As you might guess, the first option may bring you more money. So, consider this fact when thinking about your lotteristrategi.

Exact positions¥470 (about $65)
Enhver stilling¥21 (about $3)

Sum Betting

When choosing this type of game, you can rely not just on the digits as they are, but also on their sum, which defines your prize payout. See possible awards in the table below.

Match (the sum of digits selected)Premiebeløp
0/27¥1040 (about $144)
1/26¥345 (about $48)
2/25¥172 (about $24)
3/24¥104 (about $14)
4/23¥69 (about $10)
5/22¥49 (about $7)
6/21¥37 (about $5)
7/20¥29 (about $4)
8/19¥23 (about $3)
9/18¥19 (about $3)
10/17¥16 (about $2)
11/16¥15 (about $2)
12/15¥15 (about $2)
13/14¥14 (about $2)

Combo or Packages

This type is known in Europa og USA as Combo bets. Therefore, if you have previously engaged in this type of play, you will find it effortless. Furthermore, our lotterivinnende tips and helpful tools work here.

Package 3 (two the same and one different digits)¥693 (about $96)
Package 6 (all the digits are different)¥173 (about $24)

Big and Small Bets

Again, you need to match both the digits and their sum. The smaller the value, the bigger your prize.

Small (the sum of the digits is between 0 and 18)¥606 (about $84)
Big (the sum of the digits is between 18 and 27)¥86 (about $12)

Tractor Bet

This is a very specific play based on the value and order of the digits you select. There are some exceptions, but in general, you can really enjoy this unusual scheme.

3 (digits consecutively arranged in ascending or descending order)¥65 (about $9)

Odd-Even Bet

It is a very unusual type of play, but you may really like it if you are an experienced and inquiring gambler. The scheme is simple: only bet on odd or even digits and win something good.

Odd (digits 1,3,5,7,9)¥8 (about $1)
Even (digits 0,2,4,6,8)¥8 (about $1)

3D Multiplier Prizes

Chinese lotteries tradisjonelt do not multiply their prizes. Though the 3D prizes are rather humble and the multipliers would come in handy here, Welfare Lottery, the local gambling provider, doesn’t offer them at all. Still, it doesn’t make the game less interesting; various play types are at your disposal. Also, you can always try other games with various lottery options on pålitelige online lotterisider.


3D er en daglig spill, so gamblers are never upset if they are late for the coming draw; they can enter the game the next day if they føl den raskeste lottogevinsten. So, choose the best time to buy tickets Og spill.

 Søndag Lørdag
Tegn tid08:00 p.m. (Shanghai Time)

The Biggest 3D Winners and Jackpots

Chinese 3D isn’t a jackpot game. The prizes are fixed and not among the largest lottery grand prizes in the world’s history. Therefore, we cannot provide information about any significant winners. However, if you need some inspiration, you can read stories about the heldigste lotterispillere som fortsatt er rike.

3D Rules in China

3D is a very simple and very funny game offered and overseen by the Welfare Lottery of China. The government has approved this legal lottery provider, which has been operating since 1987. It distributes the money raised from lottery ticket sales for a variety of social projects and charitable causes. In terms of 3D, this particular game has gained significant popularity in the country because of its unique features and principles:

  • The minimum age for gambling in China is 18.
  • The game is based on the selection of digits between 000 and 999.
  • There are plenty of play types and combinations. So, you can pick from 1 to 3 digits and select a type of play that seems to be the luckiest for you.
  • 3D is held seven days a week.
  • All the 3D prizes are fixed and may seem small. However, this doesn’t upset lottery fans, as they play for fun, not for money.
  • The game is only available within the country, and tickets can only be purchased in-store.

The rules for playing the 3D lottery in China are really simple:

  1. Visit a Welfare Lottery retail location and ask for a game slip.
  2. Decide on the type of play you are going to try – 1D, 2D, General Selections, Big/Small, etc.
  3. Set the digits according to your preferred play type.
  4. Look through your game slip to make sure you made the right selections.
  5. Pay for your entry and have some patience until the digits are drawn and the results appear.

There are a few ways to keep track of lottery results in China, ensuring there is no confusion even for newcomers. These include:

  • the official website of the Welfare Lottery Center;
  • Welfare Lottery retail locations.

Additionally, you can simplify the process by joining us on our 3D China results page or using the lotterinummerkontroll.

China 3D Payout and Taxes

Claiming prizes is very simple in China, even though it requires an appointment. Simply visit the official prize-redeeming agency. Keep in mind that the Welfare Lottery sets a claim period of 60 days for prize redemption. If you miss this deadline, the money from uavhentede lodd will be transferred to the public welfare fund.

To submit your claim smoothly, make sure you have a valid proof of identity and your original winning ticket with you. Please note that the Lottery can suspend payouts if your ticket is damaged or contaminated.

Lottery winnings are liable for taxation in China. The taxation is based on a progressive scale, so the more you win, the more you pay. The rates are the following:

  • ¥10,000 and less — these amounts are tax-free;
  • ¥10,000–¥100,000 — 20% state tax is withheld from the payouts;
  • ¥100,000 and over—33% tax is applied to these prizes.

As 3D prizes are fixed and never exceed ¥10,000, you don’t need to pay taxes.

Things to Know About 3D in China

  • The 3D ticket price is 2 yuan or HK$2.30 (around $0.29) per bet, and it doesn’t depend on your play type. However, you can try to increase your winning odds by choosing up to 7 digits, though the costs are higher in this case.
  • The Welfare Lottery limits the number of selections for each 3D draw. If the number of bets on certain digits exceeds the limit, they become unavailable.
  • I Kina, the lottery is also known as Fucai 3D.
  • The Tractor bet doesn’t work for such combinations as 890, 901, 098, and 109.
  • About 53% of the money raised for a particular draw is earmarked to form the prize pool.

Vanlige spørsmål 3D

It’s quite natural; just stay closer to both the official 3D (China) website og denne siden.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday—we believe it is enough for you to enjoy your gambling full-scale.

3D is an evening lottery. The winners are determined daily at 08:00 p.m. Shanghai Time.

The 3D winners are usually not displayed in China. It is quite reasonable, as the maximum prize is 1040 yuan here, and there are hundreds of matches every day.

The game is played in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangxi, Fujian, Henan, Hubei, and many other Chinese provinces. As a result, the winners come from all over the country.

Welfare Lottery has a large pool of retail locations, so in-store betting is the only option for lottery players in China.

Lotteries are aired on Chinese TV and regional television channels.

The time of the sales suspension may vary from province to province, but you can always figure it out at a lottery retailer nearby.

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