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MegaMillions Results & Current Winning Numbers (29/06/2022 03:00 GMT​​)

The most awaited results for the MegaMillions draw held on 29/06/2022 03:00 GMT​​ is finally declared. If you are looking forward to the recent results, you have arrived at just the right place. On this page, we bring to you the most recent winning numbers, along with the current jackpot amount. So hold on and have a look at the numbers which might help you make the right move in the upcoming draws!

MegaMillions Current Winning Numbers (29/06/2022 03:00 GMT​​)

Every time we get a set of numbers which we call as the ’winning numbers’. This time, the lucky numbers are as unique as the previous time. Just like you, we too have our fingers crossed for you to be that lucky one tonight. Let’s have a look at the current winning numbers of MegaMillions

U.S. - Mega Millions
29/06/2022 03:00 GMT
  • 7
  • 12
  • 21
  • 43
  • 55
  • 11

Our heartiest Congratulations if you have landed with any of the prizes at all. You can check out how long it takes after winning the lottery to get the money. In case you haven’t, do not lose hope, because the next MegaMillions draw of 02/07/2022 01:00 GMT​ is right around the corner.

Is the Next MegaMillions Draw Worth Taking a Shot At?

You might wonder why so many people are being attracted to MegaMillions. Well, there are plenty of reasons for this. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • There are nine ways in which one can win a prize. You can match 5 white balls (numbers 1 through 70), and 2 golden balls (numbers 1 through 25), to become the jackpot winner. Matching just the 5 numbers can bring you $1 million. Even if you match just one golden ball, you get a prize. So, the upcoming MegaMillions is worth playing!
  • Apart from this, there’s something called Megaplier. It multiplies the non-jackpot prize up to a multiple of 5, depending on the number drawn. It costs $1 more than the original cost, but can incredibly increase the prize.
  • It will certainly be a better choice if you start to buy tickets in a group. You might want to grab a look at online lottery syndicates too. MegaMillions will become a reality if you play more, and play consistently.
  • A bunch of people have already won millions of dollars and made their dreams a reality. The federal tax keeps aside 24% of the amount, but still, the jackpot of US$ 360 Million​ is so huge that you won’t feel like missing the next chance.

What is the Current Jackpot for MegaMillions?

Due to rollovers, the jackpot amount doesn’t necessarily remain constant, but keep on going higher. The current jackpot prize for MegaMillions is US$ 360 Million. The enormous sum of money is waiting for its winner to come and grab it. If in case, nobody wins in the current draw, the lottery sum adds up to the prize of the next jackpot.If you want to keep yourself well-versed with every draw’s accurate results, keep coming back to this website, as you’re going to find the latest updates here. Apart from all of these, you can also have a look at the general tips given by experts on how to win the lottery. Winning the jackpot means hitting a treasure. So, are you ready for the 02/07/2022 01:00 GMT​ MegaMillions draw for a beautiful sum of US$ 360 Million​?

Planning to play? Read our review and get the best tips for MegaMillions!

Omg!... IT's your lucky day!

US$ 20 Million​

Next draw: 03/07/2022 01:30 GMT

US$ 360 Million​

Next draw: 02/07/2022 01:00 GMT