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How a Lottery Jackpot Can Ruin a Marriage

EuroMillions could be the most famous European lottery game, and it made many players millionaires in the previous years.

Colin and Christine Weir from Scotland won the largest sum out of all players from the UK who revealed their identity. The prize was an incredible £161.6 million, and here is the story about this win and what happened to this couple!

Colin and Christine WeirSource: The Sun


How Much Did the Weirs Win?

If you read our EuroMillions review, you’ll discover that the lottery offers a rollover feature on the jackpot. In 2011, the jackpot was transferred to the next round 14 times until it reached £161.6 million (around €185 million).

The Weirs were aware of the jackpot, which is why they purchased five Lucky Dips. That’s the name of the randomizer used in EuroMillions. The numbers on the winning ticket were 17, 19, 38, 42, and 45. They also had two bonus numbers as “9” and “10.” Thanks to that combination, they landed one of the biggest jackpots in the game’s history!

How Did Weirs Discover They Won the Money?

Colin and Christine WeiSource: Daily Mail

Christine and Colin Weir went public after winning the lottery. They organized a press conference to reveal all details and announce the win because they didn’t want to hide from relatives and anyone they know.

According to Christine, it was a normal night in the Weir home. The couple was watching CSI and other TV shows and was getting ready to sleep. Chris decided to check the results using the Teletext in the bedroom. She was going through the tickets and the final one seemed to show that they guessed all numbers.

Christine checked that several times and even went for Colin, so he can confirm it. After they had established that they won the jackpot, the lucky couple couldn’t sleep. Chris was so excited she drank a glass of wine, which she only does for Christmas.

It was an exciting night in Largs, Scotland. Weirs discussed what they’ll do with the prize and they went to Camelot’s office first thing in the morning.

What Happened After They Won the Money?

Weirs didn’t complain about their incomes before winning the jackpot. Christine had the job as a psychiatric nurse, while Colin worked as a cameraman. The win propelled them among the most famous lottery winners, and it was expected for them to quit their jobs.

How Did Colin and Christine Weir Spend the Money?

Colin and Christine WeiSource: Birmingham Mail

Christine and Colin have two children, who are somewhere in their thirties now. They purchased them a house and a car each from the jackpot fund.

The first thing the Weirs wanted was to upgrade their home. According to reports, they spent over £3 million on a new mansion to live in, and they even had a problem with the architects. After checking several projects, the couple withdrew from one, and the architects sued them. However, that fell through and Weir didn’t have to pay a single penny.

A Charitable Fund

Colin and Christine Weir wanted to help the community, and that’s why they established The Weir Charitable Trust. The fund secured money for several promising local athletes, including Robbie Wilson. Wilson is a young tennis star who went to a tennis academy in Barcelona after receiving funds from the Weirs.

The Weirs Supported Independent Scotland

In 2014, Scotland organized a referendum for independence. The Weirs supported that campaign as much as possible, and the reports indicate they donated millions to the campaign. You could also find their names on donations for other pro-independence activities.

Partick Thistle – Colin’s Favorite Football Club

As a huge fan of Partick Thistle, Colin made a £1 million donation to the club. Weir later became the club’s owner because he didn’t want a US-based consortium to gain control over his local club.

Colin arranged a deal with the fans – he will purchase the majority in the club. The estimations are that he invested over £6 million in the club, and that’s why you’ll find the Colin Weir stand in the stadium. Additionally, the club’s youth academy is also named after the lottery winner.

According to reports, Colin agreed to return his majority stakes to fans in 2020.

A Fairy Tale Coming to an End

Colin and Christine Weir went through a lot together. They got married in the 1980s and were together for almost 40 years. However, as time passed, they started drifting apart. They both wanted to lead independent lifestyles, and that affected the overall relationship.

You could see Colin at Partick’s games without Christine, and she was attending social events without her husband. The British media discovered they were getting a divorce in 2019, and everything was finalized in May.

According to the reports, the couple ended their marriage in a friendly fashion. Christine sold the mansion for £3 million and moved to a house close to the beach, which she paid £1.5 million.

Colin Passed Away Last Year

Colin Weir’s lawyer and Partick Thistle both confirmed the said news in December 2019. The reports indicate Colin passed away after a short illness. He was aged 71 at the time, and he died in the University Hospital Ayr.

Final Thoughts

Colin and Christine Weir’s story about winning the lottery is exciting and touching. They were an average family who became rich overnight, and they didn’t hesitate to give back to the community. From charitable events to football and political campaigns, they were prominent figures in Scotland.

That’s why the entire country was said to hear about the couple’s divorce, but also Colin’s passing. At this point, there is no fresh news about Christine, so she’s probably living in her waterfront house.

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