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How to Win Italy Superenalotto Guaranteed?

If you like to play unique lottery games, Italy Superenalotto is right up your alley. It has a single-drum matrix, but a couple of unique twists. There’s the Jolly number that decides the second-biggest reward, and the SuperStar feature that can increase jackpots to life-changing amounts. If that sounds like it’s worth giving a go, our experts prepared a guide on how to maximize the odds of winning this game. Here’s what you should know about assembling your number selection for the Italy Superenalotto.

Win Italy Superenalotto

What Are the Chances of Winning Italy Superenalotto?

Italy Superenalotto has six basic winning tiers. It uses a 6+1/90 basic matrix. You need to guess two out of six main numbers to qualify for a prize, and the odds to do that stand at 1:20. But if you want to win the grand reward, it’s necessary to guess all five numbers from the main drum. Superenalotto odds of doing that are 1:622,614,630.

Things get different if you choose to play the SuperStar feature. It’s another optional number that boosts the potential jackpot to whopping sums. But guessing six main numbers plus the SuperStar correctly will require beating the odds of 1:56,035,316,700.

Use These 10 Tips and Strategies to Win Italy Superenalotto

If you are ready to choose the numbers to play in Italy Superenalotto, these tips can help:

  • Add the SuperStar feature – The extra game includes picking the SuperStart number from a 90-ball matric. It’s not an easy task, but it significantly increases the jackpot. It’s worth trying because this grand prize will change your life.
  • Go with the most or least frequent numbers – According to our review, the most commonly drawn number in Italy Superenalotto is 65, followed by 55, 77, and 82. The least frequent are 60, 6, and 18. Trust your intuition and think about adding some to your selection.
  • Check the results from the previous draw – The lottery statistical analysis shows that at least a single number from the last draw has appeared again on at least 46% of the sessions. However, don’t repeat more than two numbers since the odds won’t be in your favor.
  • Trust the stars – Our experts prepare a detailed horoscope lottery number guide for each sign. It suggests the best numbers in every moment and discusses how to tailor your game to use the position of the stars to your advantage.
  • Trust your gut – Many believe that the Quick Pick strategy isn’t effective, but it’s a valid lottery strategy that yielded huge prizes for many winners. You can learn more about the randomizing feature in our detailed guide.
  • Try not to use a specific pattern – The obvious example of a pattern would be 4, 24, 44, 64, and 84. Your goal is to balance things, so try to cover odd and even numbers. Don’t let the entire selection end up with a single digit, and aim to include a similar ratio of high and low numbers.
  • Lottery syndicates improve your chances – Playing lotto games in a group offers a different experience. You join with others to purchase more tickets, and you split potential rewards. It increases your odds of winning while lowering the ultimate prize. But even if you have to share the jackpot, it can still be a whopping sum. You can find more info about Italy Superenalotto syndicates in our guide.
  • A system entry can improve your odds – If you play sports betting, you might be familiar with system tickets. The idea is to pick seven (or more) main numbers instead of six for the basic ticket. The platform calculates all possible combinations with those numbers and lists the price accordingly. System entries are expensive, but they can boost your wins if you guess enough numbers correctly.
  • Use lottery predictor apps – Many developers created unique lottery prediction tools. They analyze previous draws and suggest a potential combination based on the law of probability. It’s an interesting approach that doesn’t take a lot of time.
  • Wheeling system strategies are a smart move for advanced players – The idea is to pick the preferred numbers and cover all potential combinations. Depending on your budget, you can pick between key digit, abbreviated, and full wheels. Check our lottery wheeling guide for a detailed explanation of this strategy.

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2 Experts Share Their Secret to Winning Italy Superenalotto

Italy Superenalotto is popular because it paid out the biggest jackpot in the history of European lotteries. The lucky player won €209.1 million in 2019. There’s no info about the strategy, but his lucky numbers were 7, 32, 41, 59, 75, and 76. The Jolly number was 21, and the SuperStar was 11. As you can see, the lucky winner played the SuperStar option to maximize the prize.

It’s interesting that the previous record was €177.7 million. That prize was won by a lottery syndicate. It had 70 players, indicating each of them became richer by over €2.5 million. It shows that syndicates might be a smart way to play Italy Superenaloot.

You now have a big collection of tips, and it’s up to you to choose the best approach. Don’t hesitate to give a shot to Italy Superenalotto today and test different strategies to see which one will yield the best results!


How to Play Italy Superenalotto Online? 
Most lottery websites offer Italy Superenalotto since it’s among the most popular European lotteries. You should pick the desired platform, register, and purchase tickets.

Is Italy Superenalotto Tax-Free?
According to the current rules, you pay a 12% tax on all lottery winnings in Italy that are above €500. You can learn more about lottery taxes in our calculator.

Is Italy Superenalotto Legal for All Players?
If you are of legal age and the lottery isn’t outlawed in your location, it’s legal to play Italy Superenalotto. In other words, the game is open to foreigners.

What Are the Italy Superenalotto Odds to Win the Jackpot?
The default odds to win the jackpot are 1:622,614,630. If you play the Superstar option, those chances go down to 1:56,035,316,700.

What Were Italy Superenalotto Results for Yesterday?
Check out this page to discover the latest Italy Superenalotto winning numbers and see if you are among the winners.

How Do You Claim Italy Superenalotto?
Online lottery websites will credit smaller prizes to your account shortly after the draw. As for bigger prizes, you might need to claim them in a relevant lottery office.

Is Italy Superenalotto Anonymous?
Yes, and there’s no need to reveal your identity if you win a prize.

How much is the Superenalotto jackpot?
The guaranteed jackpot in Italy Superenalotto is €2 million. If no one wins it, it rolls over to the next round. Thanks to that feature, it often increases to sums over €100 million.

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