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EuroJackpot Results & Current Winning Numbers (23/09/2022 19:00 GMT​​)

Excited and thrilled to know if you won the EuroJackpot this time? Well, the results are out and we are here just for you. We bring to you the latest and most informative updates about the current EuroJackpot lottery. On this page, we constantly update the results after every draw, so that you can always come back and have a look at these lucky numbers.  

The Current Winning Numbers for EuroJackpot (23/09/2022 19:00 GMT)

Without keeping much of the suspense, here we reveal the current winning numbers for the latest EuroJackpot draw.

Europe - EuroJackpot
23/09/2022 19:00 GMT
  • 20
  • 30
  • 38
  • 39
  • 44
  • 2
  • 12

We do hope that you have landed with something on your side. If not, do not lose hope, because EuroJackpot is very generous, you just have to keep a little more patience and try for the 27/09/2022 15:00 GMT​ draw.

What are the Odds of Winning the Next EuroJackpot Lottery?

As per the statistics, the EuroJackpot is known to pay more frequently as compared to other lotteries in Europe. The odds of winning the great jackpot is 1 in 95 million, which is so much better in comparison to others. The chance of winning any prize at all is simply 1 in 35. All this makes trying the next EuroJackpot lottery a must!

What’s EuroJackpot’s Jackpot Amount This Time?

The Jackpot amount starts itself at $10 million and can go as high as $90 million. If there is no specific winner at a draw, the prize money rolls over to the next, henceforth, increasing the prize money. At present, the jackpot amounts to around € 30 Million​. The best thing is, there are other attractive non-jackpot prizes that you can win.

How to Increase the Chance of Winning the lottery?

The game of luck continues to allure millions of people across the globe, and you need to make some strategies for the next draw so that you can be one of the prize holders.

  • It’s only that you play more often that you increase your chances of winning. The main thing is to start at it. Once you begin, you will know what fun it is!
  • The most known way of incredibly increasing your winning chances is to play in groups. The group play is effective as the probability of getting those lucky numbers increases, thereby, making the game more exciting.
  • Choose your numbers wisely, because it’s these numbers that are going to turn your fortune. You might stick to your lucky numbers, or try different combinations that have probable chances of hitting the jackpot.

EuroJackpot is played only once a week, on Friday at 21:00 EET. However, compared to other lotteries, you have higher chances of winning a prize here, be it the jackpot or non-jackpot prizes. It is played across 18 different European countries, but you can play online to save yourself from traveling. The countdown for the next EuroJackot has already begun. Tighten your seatbelts, and head on to buy that ticket that might fetch you the giant prize of € 30 Million​ at 27/09/2022 15:00 GMT​​.

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US$ 325 Million​

Next draw: 28/09/2022 01:00 GMT