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Cheapest Lottery Tickets: Where to Find Low-Priced Tickets?

You love playing the lottery, and you’d like to try buying tickets online. However, you’re afraid of internet vendors overcharging you. The truth is, their fees are minimal and the overall ticket price mostly depends on the lottery you select.

In this article, we are focusing on cheap lottery tickets. We selected lotto games with budget-friendly prices and presented them below. Here is what you need to know about these games.

What Is the Usual Cost of a Lottery Ticket?

TheLotter ticket screenshot

The lottery ticket prices vary significantly. That’s because the cost depends on numerous factors.  For example, you can divide all lotteries into regional (state), national, and international ones. A state lottery often has the most affordable ticket costs but offers the least attractive jackpots. On the other hand, some platforms with generous grand prizes could put their ticket costs high.

If you check out the most popular lotteries played online, you realize the ticket prices go from as little as $0.4 to as much as $4 or more. Some special drawings could even have a higher cost. It all depends on the game you want to play.

Here is an overview of the currently most popular lotteries and their average prices per provider:

US Powerball MegaMillions EuroMillions EuroJackpot SuperEnaLotto
The Lotter $5 $5 €5.6 €5 €2.5
LottoAgent $4.98 $4.98 €5.54 €5.14 €2.65
WinTrillions $5 $5.5 €5.5 €6.8 €5.1
LottoSmile $5 $5 €5.6 €5 €2.5
LottoKings $5.5 $3.5 €5.5 €10.21 €2.98
The prices at online lottery sites might be a bit higher compared to standard ticket costs. That’s because they implement a service fee, and they secure a large number of lotteries in return.

Most users find it convenient to have lotto games from around the world accessible in a single place, which is why they love using these platforms.

What Are the Cheapest Lottery Tickets Available?

If you are looking for the lowest ticket prices possible, you have to play games that aren’t popular. The jackpot might not be among the largest prizes ever, but it’s tempting.

Here is an overview of the games that have the cheapest ticket prices:

Game Price
Ukraine Megalot $0.21
Poland Mini Lotto $0.4
Ukraine Loto Maxima $0.41
Brazil Quina $0.44
Russian Gosloto $0.6
Greece Lotto $0.61
Mexico Melate $0.69
Kino Chile $0.78
New York Lotto $1 per two lines
Loto Quebec 49 $1

MegalotUkraine Megalot

If you are looking for the most affordable lottery out there, you want to go for Ukraine Megalot. The sessions occur twice weekly , and the ticket costs only UAH5 ($0.21). You can expect a guaranteed $40K jackpot, although it increases with the rollover feature. Even the second price is guaranteed and set at $20K, which is quite generous at this ticket cost.

Poland Mini LottoPoland Mini Lotto

The Poland lottery organizes this as the smaller version of their regular lotto game. The ticket costs PLN1.50, which is around $0.4.

The concept used is 5/42, which gives you the odds of 1:850,668 for winning the grand prize. The good news is the draws are daily, and the downside is the lottery only offers three prize tiers.

Ukraine Loto Maxima

Loto MaximaHere is the second Ukrainian lottery that made the list of the cheapest games in the market. A single ticket costs around $0.4; the game uses a 5/45 concept. That gives you decent winning odds of 1:1,221,759, with the jackpot being 30% of the prize fund. Unfortunately, Ukraine is among the countries with harsh lottery tax rates.

Brazil QuinaBrazil Quina

At six drawings per week, Brazil Quina keeps the fun going during the entire week. The jackpot must be at least BRL500K, around $90K. The game has four prize tiers, and a single ticket costs $0.44.

Unfortunately, the odds are significantly lower than in other cheap lotteries.  That’s because the game uses a 5/80 matrix, which includes more balls in the drum than similar games. Despite that, Brazil Quina is still worth trying at this price.

Gosloto 6/45Russian Gosloto

This Russian version of the classic 6/45 game offers generous overall odds of winning a prize set at 1:7. The simple formula and affordable ticket prices attract newbies.

Although the lower prizes aren’t as attractive, winning the jackpot can be a life-changer. And the best part is that you can participate in two draws every day, so you have plenty of odds to win the lottery.

greece-lottoGreece Lotto

Greece Lotto uses the standard 6/49 format, which we often see in natural lotteries. The game offers five prize tiers and two draws weekly. The guaranteed jackpot is €300K, including a rollover feature.

You can buy tickets for as little as €0.50, which is why this game is great for beginners. If you want to get to know one of the most common lottery concepts, don’t hesitate to give this game a shot.

Melate MexicoMelate

The jackpot in this game is at least 30 million Mexican Pesos, which could be is a life-changing sum. On the other hand, the ticket price of $0.69 won’t be a big hit to your budget.

It’s worth noting you can participate in two rematch draws for additional money, which gives you two more chances to win. Each of the drawings features in Mexico Melate a 6+1/56 concept, which means a single-drum but a bonus ball included.

Kino ChileKino Chile

Kino Chile has a ticket price of approximately $0.78, and almost half of the entire prize pool goes into the jackpot. The unique 14/25 concept and five reward tiers make this game even more exciting.

You can even participate in additional drawings per session, but they require paying more.

New York LottoNew York Lotto

The ticket price for New York Lotto is $1, but there is a trick. You’ll get two lines at this cost, which means the price per line is technically $0.50. Considering that the $2 million goes into the guaranteed jackpot fund, you realize this is one of the largest prizes offered by cheap lotteries. The winning odds aren’t that favorable at 1:45,057,474, but if you land the prize, you’ll go home with a generous sum!

Loto Quebec 49Loto Quebec 6/49

Loto Quebec 49 is the regional version featuring the famous 6/49 concept. The winning odds of 1:13,983,816 are decent at the ticket price of only $1. You can participate in two drawings per win, and the game has six prize tiers. Two of them feature a bonus ball to make things more exciting.

Are There any Coupons, Promo Codes, or Deals on Lottery Tickets?

Yes, you can expect special deals on lottery tickets when purchasing tickets online. Whether you are a new or loyal member of the best lottery websites, you could be affordable for various promotions. Here are some coupons that you can claim soon.

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Where Else Can I Buy the Cheapest Lottery Tickets?

Perhaps you cannot purchase tickets via an online lotto vendor for your desired lottery. Maybe you’d like to try out alternatives for buying lotto slips, but what methods are available? These are the ways = to get cheap lottery tickets today.

Buy Cheap Lottery Tickets from a Local Store

The general rule is local vendors offer the cheapest tickets for the lotteries organized in their area. For example, if you are from the UK, the odds are you’ll find the lowest price for UK Lottery tickets in local stores.

However, local stores have one significant restriction. They only offer tickets for that jurisdiction, which means they don’t sell slips for lotto games from around the world. For example, if you shop in Texas, you can buy tickets for Texas Two-Step, US Powerball, and MegaMillions. But you won’t be able to buy slips for European or Australian lotteries.

Buy Cheap Lottery Tickets on Official Lottery Websites

You can also purchase lottery tickets at websites of organizations that are behind those lotto games. These are official vendors, which means this shopping method is perfectly safe.

Here are some examples of official websites:

You’ll need to buy the tickets online, however, and the restriction is obvious. The official website only offers tickets for lotto games organized by that company. For example, the official platform of Colombia Baloto won’t sell tickets for lotteries organized in other countries. That limitation indicates that general online lottery vendors are the best place to buy lotto tickets because they offer the most impressive game selection.

What Is the Expected Jackpot When Buying Cheap Lottery Tickets?

The lottery ticket price greatly affects the prize fund, which means it also influences the jackpot. While the jackpot size might not be as tempting as expensive games, cheap lotteries offer attractive rewards.

Here is an overview of the guaranteed jackpot sums in the cheapest lotteries out there:

Game Prize
Ukraine Megalot $40K
Poland Mini Lotto 50% of the pool
Ukraine Loto Maxima 30% of the pool
Brazil Quina €90K
Russian Gosloto $630K
Greece Lotto €300K
Mexico Melate $1.2 million
Kino Chile 47% of the pool
New York Lotto $2 million
Loto Quebec 6/49 $2 million

Final Thoughts

The great thing about lottery games is that everyone can find their favorite easily. If you don’t want to overspend on lotto games, you can pick affordable drawings and compete for fantastic prizes.

The best way is to choose a lottery vendor offering games worldwide. That way, you can pick between dozens of games. It will be a piece of cake to find your favorite and try out various lotteries.

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