Odisha Online Lottery

Odisha is an Indian state in the eastern part of the country. It has 41.9 million residents and many lottery fans. If you want to play the lottery in India and you are in Odisha, read this guide first. It discusses the lotto legality and lists the best Odisha online lottery sites to try if you choose to play!


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How to Play Online Lottery from Odisha

Odisha online lottery sites offer a vast range of lotto games. You can enjoy all types, from small regional to national and international lotteries.

You’ll easily find a suitable payment method. PhonePe, Paytm, and debit and credit cards are usually available to players from Odisha. Many platforms support INR as a currency to make transactions easier.

🎟️ Odisha Online Lottery Tickets

The problem with buying physical tickets in Odisha is that there aren’t licensed vendors. From the state’s perspective, the lottery isn’t legal. So, any agent you might find, please be aware they are selling tickets illegally.

There’s also the question of storing physical tickets since you need to take good care of them. It’s much easier with Odisha online lottery sites since you keep the tickets on the platform. And if you win, you receive the money automatically, or the platform contacts you to discuss the details of claiming the prize.

LotteryPrice (₹)Draw DaysJackpot OddsJackpot
IndiaLotto India₹40Tue, Fri1:79,453,500₹40 million
USAUS Powerball₹300Sun, Tue, Thu1:292,201,338Starts from $20 million
USAUS MegaMillions₹300Wed, Sat1:302,575,350Starts from $20 million
AustraliaAustralia Saturday Lotto₹120Mon, Thu, Sat1:8,145,060AUD 5 million
FranceEuroMillions₹250Wed, Sat1:139,838,160€15 million

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets from Odisha

If you are a beginner, you’ll find it a piece of cake to join Odisha online lottery sites via these steps:


Choose a trustworthy lottery site from those listed on this page.


Register an account by completing the sign-up form.


Make sure to add money to the account by using an Indian-friendly payment option.


Choose from regular play, subscription, lottery syndicates, and other available options.


After deciding how many tickets to buy, finalize the transaction.


Don’t forget to watch the lottery draw to see if you are among the lucky winners!

👍Popular Online Lottery Games in Odisha

Here is the list of lotteries that are popular at Odisha online lottery sites:

  1. Lotto India – The national lottery takes the top place in Odisha as most local players consider this game their favorite.
  2. South Africa Lotto – Odisha players enjoy multiple draws in every session, and that’s why they love SA Lotto.
  3. US MegaMillions – If we tell you that the starting jackpot sum is $40 million, it’s clear why Odisha players enjoy playing this game.
  4. EuroJackpot – This European lottery offers many prize tiers, which gives Odisha players many chances to win.
  5. US Powerball – It’s the #1 lottery in the world and everyone, including Odisha players, gives it a shot to pursue huge jackpots offered.
  6. Italy Superenalotto – You won’t find a similar concept in other lotteries, which is why Odisha lotto enthusiasts love this game.
  7. Australian OZ Lotto – Odisha players appreciate that the initial jackpot sum is high and gives them a chance to become a rupee crorepati.
  8. EuroMillions – Advanced Odisha lotto players enjoy the various options to strategize in a two-drum lottery.

Bhubaneswar Online Lottery

Bhubaneswar isn’t only the capital but the biggest city in the entire Odisha. It has a population of around 837,000, but its citizens can’t enjoy the lotto legally. Despite that, online lottery sites in India based in foreign countries remain accessible. Although no one talks about that publicly, some Bhubaneswar residents visit internet lotto platforms.

⚖️ Odisha Lottery Laws

You won’t find a government lottery in Odisha today. But the local authorities did run a state lotto game for years. It was established in 1983 under the Odisha State Lottery rules and stopped after the National Gambling Act in 1998.

That document allowed the states to choose whether to legalize the lottery. Odisha government returned to a law set in 1955. The document’s name is The Odisha Prevention of Gambling Act, and the government considers it valid today.

Now, that regulation bans gambling in Odisha. But since it’s over six decades old, there’s no mention of an online lottery. Furthermore, there aren’t reports of any players having legal issues from playing lotto games over the web. That’s why Odisha online lottery sites based abroad enjoy large popularity in this state.

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