Pick My Postcode Review 2024 - Is it Scam or Legit?

It’s always nice when you win something and even better if the reward came for free. The concept of Pick My Postcode is to offer multiple free lotteries to UK players every day. The Free Postcode Lottery isn’t a classic lotto game. Instead, you register with a postcode and hope that yours will be the winning one that day.

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Pick My Postcode Pros & Cons

How to Buy Free Postcode Lottery Tickets Online

Here is the kicker – there’s no need to buy anything! Free Postcode Lottery is 100% free and will never ask for a single pound.

It’s okay to wonder how they manage to do that. The answer lies in the fact that their funding comes from advertising revenue. You’ll visit the site but also watch ads and receive promotional emails from the company. Pick My Postcode will only send promo emails if you agree to that, so there’s no worry about getting spammed.

If you want to participate in the Free Postcode Lottery, you should go to the site and sign up with your email address. All you need is a valid email to receive information about the draws and a registered postcode. The postcode doesn’t have to be current, which means you can use an old one from school, work, childhood, etc.

You’ll need to check the website every day because they’ll draw a new code every day. If you win, it’s necessary to claim the prize in the specified timeframe. Those who miss claiming the reward won’t win it, and it will move to the next winning postcode.

How to Play Free Postcode Lottery – Rules Overview

Before we describe different draws available, here is a quick reminder on how to register:

  1. Head to the website and register a free account.
  2. Make sure to check the site regularly because there are draws on a daily basis.
  3. If you are among the winners, don’t forget to claim your prize. Otherwise, you won’t receive it. Players get their rewards via PayPal.

What Games Can You Play on the Site?

Pick My Postcode has no less than four lotteries available.

Here is an overview of the available games:

  • Main Draw – it’s the main game on the site with a jackpot anywhere from £200 to £500. If no one claims the prize, there’s a rollover feature that moves it to the next round. A new winning postcode will appear on the website every day at noon.
  • Survey Draw – the main prize is £50, and the difference is that participants need to complete a survey to join. The surveys don’t take more than a minute or two. Once you complete it, you’ll see the winning postcode for that day.
  • Video Draw – a similar concept to the Survey game. The difference is you have to watch a video to see the winning postcode. The prizes are from £50 to £100.
  • Stackpot – a special draw held at 9 AM and 9 PM daily. The prize is £10 per postcode, but only the first person that claims the reward wins that sum.
  • Mini Draw – you’ll find it at the homepage bottom every day between 6 PM and 2 AM. The prize is £100, and the first person who claims it from the winning postcode gets the entire sum. There’s no rollover feature.
  • £5 Flash Draw – it’s a random draw that grants you a £5 prize. You’ll notice an ad slot changing into the info that you won the reward.

While you are playing on the site, you earn a Bonus. The bonus is a penny for each draw where you participate. If you have £5, £10, £20 or more in your bonus balance, you can participate in extra draws. These draws don’t have a rollover feature, and they occur at noon every day.

Odds of Winning Free Postcode Lottery

It’s impossible to determine the actual odds of winning a prize at Pick My Postcode. However, the system comes down to this – all registered postcodes enter the daily draw. The computer selects randomly from that pool, which means each code has an equal chance of winning.

Now, we don’t know the exact number of codes participating. If there are 10,000 in the pool that day, your chances will be 1:10,000. But if there are 50,000 postcodes, the odds are 1:50,000. These are all theoretical assumptions because accurate data isn’t available.  If you want to see odds for other lotteries, check out our lottery odds calculator.

When Is the Free Postcode Lottery Drawing?

The main Pick My Postcode Draw is every day at noon. That’s when the administrators will publish the winning code for that day on the website. The Stackpot draw is daily at 9AM and 9PM, while the Flash draw can be at any time during the day. Finally, the Mini Draw occurs at 6PM every day.

Free Postcode Lottery Payout Chart

The prizes can vary from £5 for Bonus and Flash draws to £500 in the main draw. The pandemic affected some rewards to reduce, but the team expects them to return to the normal level soon.

While we are on the topic, let’s mention that the total prizes paid so far via the website go over £1.3 million. The largest win was £2.5K, and the Pick My Postcode also donated over £24K to charity. These rewards aren’t as generous as in US Powerball, but remember that these games are all free.

Free Postcode Lottery Taxes

The current UK laws don’t have lottery taxes applicable to these games. That means the entire sum you won will be transferred to your account. That’s convenient because the prizes aren’t exactly huge. It helps to know that you will receive the whole amount. You can check out the lottery payout and tax calculator to discover fees for other lotteries.

Free Postcode Lottery History

Pick My Postcode has a long history. It was established in 2011, but it was four years before that when the idea had emerged to its creators. The initial prize was £10, and they doubled it the next year. The lotto reached 100,000 members in 2014, and that’s when they broke the £100K milestone for total rewards paid.

The website continued to attract new customers and even won multiple awards for the Website of the Year in the UK. Its original name had been Free Postcode Lottery, but it was rebranded to Pick My Postcode in 2018. Today, they have over two million members and multiple branches in the UK.

If I Win with Free Postcode Lottery Where Does the Money Come From?

PickMyPostcode doesn’t offer huge prizes when compared to other lotteries. Thanks to that, they can be in charge of paying out all the rewards, and there is no need to turn to insurance companies. That means the Free Postcode Lottery will directly pay any prize that you win. Furthermore, the information on the website indicates you won’t have to wait more than a couple of days.

Free Postcode Lottery FAQs

How to claim the prize at Free Postcode Lottery?

If you win a reward at Pick My Postcode, it’s crucial to collect it. You do that by going to the website and clicking the Collect button. However, please note that you should do that until the next draw starts. For example, for the main draw held today at noon, you have until tomorrow at noon to collect your prize.

How will I receive the money that I win at Pick My Postcode?

The website sends you the money to your PayPal account. The account should be the same email address you used for the website registration process. It’s a safe process that doesn’t require you to provide any bank details.

Should I re-enter the postcode every day?

No, there’s no need to enter the same postcode every day. However, you should visit the website regularly. If you don’t visit for a while, the system will remove you from the code pool. You can reactivate the participation by visiting the site again.

Free Postcode Lottery – Is It Worth Playing?

Pick My Postcode is a free lottery, which means it won’t cost you a single cent to play. It offers multiple draws daily with decent prizes. The only thing you need is an email to register and a PayPal account to receive potential rewards. It’s vital to check the website regularly to ensure you collect any potential prizes in time. However, once again, we remind you that the site is completely free. Thanks to that, these lottery games are more than worth trying!f

Pick My Postcode Alternatives

The Lotter is the most popular website for playing actual lotteries from around the world. The platform offers more than 35 worldwide lotteries, including those with life-changing jackpots like MegaMillions or EuroJackpot. The platform is reliable and has paid over $98 million to players from its founding in 2002. Apart from buying tickets from your computer, it’s also possible to use free apps for iOS and Android.

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LottoAgent offers modern graphics and a simple layout. Even if you never played online lotto before, it will be easy to navigate the site.

You can try from around 20 different lotteries ranging from national to continental games. Players have 15 payment methods available, and the platform’s customer service is available around the clock.

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