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Have you always wanted to drive a Bentley? For many people, owning a luxurious car remains only a dream. is a website that turned those dreams into reality for a selected bunch. This platform offers weekly lotteries with premium vehicles as top prizes. Other rewards also include bikes, cash, holiday trips, watches, and modern gadgets.

The concept sounds tempting, but can you trust BOTB? Our experts reviewed every detail of this platform. Make sure to read the article before you start playing. That way, you’ll know what to expect in the pursuit of your dream vehicle!

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What Online Lotteries Can You Play at BOTB? offers three different competition categories. It’s worth noting that each type offers dozens of games with different prizes. Here is a quick overview of each event class before we describe it!

Dream Car CompetitionMidweek CompetitionLifestyle Competition

What Is a Dream Car Competition?

Dream Car is the main event on the website. The top prize is a brand-new vehicle with £50K as a bonus. These are weekly competitions and you can compete for any of the 180 offered cars. Those include Porsche, BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, and other reputable brands.

The ticket price varies based on the vehicle chosen. The minimum cost is £1.5, but it can go to £4 or more. Once you purchase the ticket, you’ll participate in the Spot the Ball Challenge. A weekly session ends at midnight on Sunday, while BOTB reveals the winners every Tuesday!

Midweek Competition

This is another draw implemented by It also involves cars, but the cash boost is £20K in the trunk. The vehicles have a bit less value, but they are still brand new. The tickets cost from £0.8, and you need to play Spot the Ball to participate. The company reveals the winner every Friday, and a single session ends at midnight Wednesday.

Lifestyle Competition

A Lifestyle is an event recently introduced at BOTB. It’s a weekly session that ends on Sunday at midnight, while they announce the winners on Wednesday. The ticket price starts at only £0.15. You can win gadgets, holiday trips, watches, motorcycles, and pure cash prizes.

How Does Playing at BOTB Work?

If the games offered by sound attractive, this is the process to follow to purchase a ticket:

  1. Register a free account by providing basic details. Pick the desired currency after signing up, choosing from EUR and GBP.
  2. Pick the desired competition. You can pick between three event types and dozens of games and prizes available.
  3. You’ll need to play the Spot the Ball game to purchase a ticket. It involves selecting a position of where the ball could be in the picture. Alternatively, the Lifestyle competition requires you to answer a question to participate.
  4. After adding the desired tickets to the basket, head to the checkout.
  5. If you have a voucher code, apply it. Once you enter payment details, finalize the transaction.
  6. Wait for the results to see if you are the competition’s winner.

The judges meet after the ticket purchasing time expires. Their task is to determine which player was the closest to the judge’s position on the screen. The ticket that had the closest coordinates takes the win. The only difference is the Lifestyle competition, which uses a random draw to determine the winner.

Is Signing Up and Logging in to BOTB Easy?

  1. It’s easy to register on the site. You begin by clicking Sign Up in the upper right corner of a Home page
  2. You can sign up with your e-mail address, but also Facebook, Apple ID, Google, and even Twitter.BOTB Signup
  3. The registration form involves basic details like e-mail, country, and phone number. The company specified they use phones to contact the winner, so make sure to enter the valid signup
  4. There’s no need to verify the e-mail address. After submitting the form, you’ll immediately be redirected to your inbox.

Does BOTB Offer a User-Friendly Interface?

Even if you are a first-time visitor, you’ll feel right at home on the BOTB website. The layout is clean and simple, which makes navigation easy. From the homepage, you can get basic information and access the desired games. The purchasing process is also user-intuitive. It’s easy to add items to the basket and finalize transactions.

Top Features Offered by BOTB

Can You Access BOTB on Mobile?

Yes, is entirely mobile-friendly. The provider doesn’t have dedicated apps to download for Android or iOS. Instead, you use internet browsers to access the site. The responsive design ensures the platform is easy to use. You can open the main menu to browse the competitions, or access the most important sections from the homepage.

Are There Promotions, Vouchers, and Other Deals Available for BOTB? offers an option to add voucher codes during the checkout process. If you have a valid code, entering it calculates your discount immediately. It can reduce the ticket price and allow you to purchase slips at a more affordable cost.

As you play, you can also hope to earn the Dream Car Credits. These remind me of a complimentary program that allows you to acquire bonus tickets for the available competitions.

What Payment Methods Are Available at BOTB? supports debit and credit cards and PayPal. The standard checkout system involves entering your card details. The transaction system uses encryption to ensure all payments and user data are secure. Alternatively, you can proceed via PayPal. That only involves confirming your transaction with PP credentials, and there’s no need to enter credit card information.

Deposit Methods

VisaMasterCardAmerican Express

Terms and Conditions for Playing at BOTB offers a unique concept compared to other lotto games. These competitions have the following terms:

  • You need to meet the legal age requirement to play.
  • The maximum number of tickets you can buy for a single draw is 75.
  • You can choose a cash alternative to the main prize. The cash v
  • It’s not possible to have more than a single account per user.
  • It’s guaranteed that the company will award two new vehicles every week.

Who Are the Jackpot Winners at BOTB?

You’ll find detailed information about the winners on BOTB’s website. They publish new information and photographs of the winners on a dedicated page. It takes a day or two to reveal the winner’s identity. The last notable win was by Dixon Xavier who won Audi S4 Black Edition and extra cash. It’s nice to see the photos of players who won with their new car. That’s another confirmation you can trust the website.

Do They Have a Reliable Customer Service?

If it happens you need to contact BOTB, you can do that by sending them an e-mail. They might even respond on the same day, especially if it’s a business day. Alternatively, you can call their office in London over the phone. The form at the website also forwards them user’s messages. It’s a shame the live chat option is missing, which means you’ll need to be patient when waiting for a response.

Is BOTB a Scam?

No, BOTB is perfectly legit! The platform exists since 1999, and its full name is Best of the Best. They initially focused on UK airports. However, with the perks of modern technology, their business is strictly online-based today. is legit and does business by British law. It uses the required security measures to protect users’ personal and financial data. Furthermore, it offers clear rules and transparent conditions for playing the lotto. You can play safely on this platform.

If I Win at BOTB, Where Do the Prizes Come From?

Did you know that the company estimates the value of cars given to winners over the years to at least €37 million? It’s an impressive sum for over two decades of existence. All prizes come directly from It simplifies the prize-claiming process. Furthermore, the company contacts the winner shortly after they pick it. You can look forward to receiving the rewards within a week of winning them.


Can you win at if you are outside the UK?

Everyone is welcome to play the BOTB games. If you win outside the UK, the company will even send the vehicle to the nearest port.

How do they determine a competition winner at

A team of judges meets with an independent lawyer. They oversee the team while they agree on a position for the center of the ball. The player who has the closest coordinates to that position wins. The only exception is the Lifestyle competition, where the winner is drawn randomly.

What’s the lowest ticket price at

You can participate in some Lifestyle events for only 15p. The cost for Midweek and Dream Car draws could be up to five pounds or more, depending on the prize selected.

BOTB – Is It a Recommended Site? isn’t your ordinary lottery website. Instead, it’s a platform that organizes competitions where you can win cars, cash, and other prizes. If that feels tempting, you can trust BOTB. The company is around for over two decades, and they made many winners happy down the road. Although it might not be for classic lotto fans, it’s still a fun game with tempting prizes!

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